Most of the home buyers are searching online, it’s essential that your home stands out in the listing photos. The following are some guidelines to assure your house looks bright, spacious, fresh and uncultured. Most buyers online are looking for a cozy and spacious home, especially for a bigger family.

Earlier before the home photo shoots, create as much light as possible. All the interior lights must turn on, open drapes and blinds and light candles to create a warm ambiance.

Freshen and Clean

It needs to repaint the surface that will not show stains, scuffs, or damage. Clean the house thoroughly from top to bottom.


Remove all magazines, toys, newspapers, and family photos. Be sure there is no sign of the pets. Put away calendars, bulletin boards and anything that can date the photos, for example, seasonal decorations. Put away all the magnets and photos from the refrigerator door.


Add fresh flowers to each room with attractive vases, colorful afghans, new towels, and many others. Put a small attractive object on broad counter tops to provide scale. Change the dead plants with bright-color flowers in pots or planted on the ground.

Declutter Inside

For a home to look spacious, decrease the amount of furniture in each room and carefully group what’s left. Free the space of kitchen and bathroom counter tops, Clear the number of objects on other surfaces. Lessens the books and knick-knacks. Lessen the contents of closets so they appear only half full.

Declutter Outside

keep away planters, hoses, trash cans, games, balls, pet houses, and many other. Remove the cars from the driveway and in front of the house, closet the door of the garage.
The above is a suggestion that will help the eyes of all the buyers will be on your home. In this way, your house will sell as soon as possible in the price you expected.

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