If you want to have a well-groomed the exterior decor of your home, lawn, or garden. You can consider planting a few new trees on your property. To plant a tree is a long-term investment, and when chosen wisely. It will give you a lifetime of added beauty to your home. In this article, we will learn the best tree species to consider for your Illinois garden. As well as, the distinct features of each tree. If you reside in the Chicago land area and you are in need of expert tree removal. As well as, tree trimming, or storm damage cleanup. You may call at tree service Springfield il, our friendly staff will schedule a convenient time to conduct an inspection of your property and trees. Call us today and learn more about our tree removal service.

Crabapple Tree

This kind of tree can found all over Illinois. They known to enhance the beauty of virtually any landscape. And their characteristics attractive foliage and fragrant blossoms. It depends on the variety of the tree you are looking for, there is small to medium-sized crabapple tree. That you may use to adorn the exterior of your home. The crabapple tree is native to cold and cool temperatures, and they do not arrive in the United State until the 18th century. The also known as the jewels of the landscape, they remain attractive throughout the year, carrying fruit that is either green or red. If the picked up, the tree will stay on the trees and retain their vibrant color throughout the winter.

The Japanese Lilac Tree

This tree also known as Syringa reticulated, is a wonderful tree species to consider for your midwest home. Japanese Lilac Tree features beautiful clusters of white, fragrant flowers that grow about a foot long and 10 inches wide. This marvelous plant is available in a few varieties, and they have a lovely shape that can complement any landscape. If you make a point to plant these trees near your home’s windows, then it will allow you to enjoy the flowers and their fragrance all year long.

Pagoda Dogwood Tree

This tree is another basic tree found across Illinois. This also known as Cornus alternifolia, this small garden tree can be attractive to your garden or lawn. To be an ornamental spring flowering tree, this species attracts birds with its late summer fruit. It is also known to host the larvae of the spring azure butterfly. During spring, this tree will grow small white flowers that appear in clusters. The flowers are fragrant and often bloom in two to three-inch groupings in the late spring.


To have a good and perfect garden, trees make it more beautiful and appealing. You may wonder how much does it cost to trim a tree, our company offers affordable tree services. Call us and we are happy to accommodate all your inquiries and questions.

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