We’ve experienced all of it in our 18 years of stump. Stump removal customers have attempted to burn off their pesky stumps out with kerosene, cut it out, chop it out with an ax, we’ve even had people attempt to pull the stump out with off their tractor and eventually after all the frustration, we call us! We thought it’d be simple to care for the origins after cutting down a cherry tree. Many hours\/days later we still had a firmly established stump. When I saw Jack in the office for an old family friend I decided to request a business card and’m so glad I did.

We’d roots and other stumps to manage. Jack was professional, prompt, inexpensive and ABSOLUTELY worth it. Without his help and experience Im sure we’d be considering stumps for several years to come. Jack came out on a day when it’d snowed since I said I’d been looking forward for the work finished if possible.

Clients believe they’ll chop of the stump out or cut it for stump removal, but the time in addition to the blood, tears and perspiration causes them to call us for the correct removal by grinding the stump out using specialist stump grinding equipment. We’re tree service Albany GA professionals with the proper gear to grind of the stump and root system out entirely, saving you the pain and discomfort of trying to take out the stump yourself.

In case you’ve stumps which have been there for several days or years, we may grind stumps of any size, in of the tightest places, even rooftops and terraces. Proper stump at the narrowest points, bonded and insured company with the proper equipment to get outside and grind your stumps below ground surface to take out any and all tree stump systems. Stump grinding is not expensive. People have even rented stump grinders and attempted to grind their very own stumps out.

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